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  • Breaking News
    Breaking news alerts to let you know when live coverage of major events is happening on TWC and

  • Celeb Gossip
    Sample Message Kirstie Alley may market her own weight-loss plan now that Jenny Craig has axed her

  • Celeb Birthdays
    Sample Message Celebrity Bdays-07/16
    Cory Feldman - 36
    Will Ferrell - 40
    Michael Flatley - 49

  • Horoscopes
    Sample Message Today is the day to get stuff off of your plate! Get out and get going this morning.

  • Insults
    Sample Message "When you buy dog food, do they ask you if you want it for here or to go?"

  • MLB Players
    Sample Message "Albert Pujols hit a home run!
    3/4, 3RBI, 1HR
    STL:2 HOU:0 Top 8th"

  • MLB Scores
    Sample Message Game ended. Giants lost.

  • NBA Scores
    Sample Message Bulls won!
    CHI:99 SAC:94 F
    WAS@CHI 1/9 830p

  • NFL Scores
    Sample Message Ravens won!
    BAL: 27 MIA 9 F 1/4
    BAL@TEN 1/10 4:30p

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Love your cell phone? Always on the go? Want to stay in the know? You're in the right place! Get all the information you want and need through text messages updates from 4INFO. We've got all the content your text message box can handle - from live sports scores and player statistics, to breaking celebrity gossip news and daily horoscopes, you can be automatically updated on every topic. more

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