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Sterling Silver Crown + wedding veil. $100
Pearls with amethysts, unique.
Price:$0. Message and data rates may apply.
Why is this free?
Content:Receive text messages with Craigslist postings.
Frequency:Daily or when feed is updated
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Daily Craigslist Text Alerts make sure you're always on top of the latest listings wherever you are. Whatever you're looking for - jobs, housing, roommates, collectibles - you'll always be up to date, even when you're on the go. Don't miss that job listing, just because you weren't at home by the computer! Set up an alert and you'll always be the first to know about new postings. You can stop these alerts instantly at any time from your phone or the web.

ContentCraigslist posting information
FrequencyChoose from Whenever Feed is Updated, Same Time Each Day
Cost$0 (Message and data rates may apply)
CancellationStop your alerts from your phone or the web


Some of the most frequently asked questions about this alert include: For answers to other questions and info on how to contact 4INFO, please see our support section.

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