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Today is the day to get stuff off of your plate! Get out and get going this morning.
Price:$0. Message and data rates may apply.
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Content:Receive text messages with your daily horoscope.
Frequency:Daily or less
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Daily Horoscope text message alerts give you a peek into your future or guidance on the influences in your life whenever you need it most! Choose to receive horoscopes daily, or only on select days of the week. You can receive alerts for any astrological sign. You may also select the time of day you want your horoscope delivered. You can stop these alerts instantly at any time from your phone or the web.

ContentShort personal horoscope
FrequencyChoose from daily or less
Cost$0 (Message and data rates may apply)
CancellationStop your alerts from your phone or the web

Mobile Search Option

You can also get a horoscope anytime from your mobile phone. Send a text with your astrological sign to 44636 and receive a text message back immediately with your horoscope. Use it whenever you need a little bit of celestial guidance! Like Text Alerts, 4INFO does not charge to use mobile search, but standard carrier fees apply. 4INFO mobile search is not case sensitive, so you can send the text in all caps or all lower case, or even a mix - whatever is easiest for you!

  • If you send ARIES
  • You get Someone you just met can help you make things happen today -- if you ask them.

Examples you can text to 44636



Some of the most frequently asked questions about this alert include: For answers to other questions and info on how to contact 4INFO, please see our support section.

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