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NFL Team and Score Alerts

Ravens won!
BAL: 27 MIA 9 F 1/4
BAL@TEN 1/10 4:30p
Price:$0. Message and data rates may apply.
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Content:Receive text messages with NFL scores.
Frequency:You choose
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NFL Team Alerts allow you to keep up with all your favorite pro football teams even when you are on the go! Know instantly if your team has won or lost. Get the latest news headlines about your team. Choose exactly when you want to receive text message alerts and never worry about receiving messages you don't want. The alerts are live, always up to date, and can be stopped easily and instantly from your phone or the web.

ContentNFL team alerts. All 32 NFL teams are available.
FrequencyChoose from Game Ends, Quarter Ends, Score Changes, Lead Changes, Turnovers, News
Cost$0 (Message and data rates may apply)
CancellationStop your alerts from your phone or the web

Mobile Search Option

You can also get live NFL team scores on your phone by using mobile search - send a text with any team name to 44636 and get their scores back immediately. It's perfect for the times when you want an update before your alert is sent or you need the stats for a team you didn't sign up for. Results are only returned when the sport is in season. Like Text Alerts, 4INFO does not charge to use mobile search, but standard carrier fees apply. 4INFO mobile search is not case sensitive, so you can send the text in all caps or all lower case, or even a mix - whatever is easiest for you!

  • If you send CHARGERS
  • You get NFL
    IND: 17 SD:23 F OT 1/3
    SD@PIT 1/11 4:45p

Examples you can text to 44636

  • NFL


Some of the most frequently asked questions about this alert include: For answers to other questions and info on how to contact 4INFO, please see our support section.

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