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Weather Alerts

South San Francisco, CA
Now:47F 56/45 Clear
Th:54/43 Rain Chance
F:54/41 Clear
Sa:56/43 Clear
Su:61/45 Clear
Price:$0. Message and data rates may apply.
Why is this free?
Content:Receive text messages with a weather forecast.
Frequency:Daily or less
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Daily Weather Alerts make sure you're never caught out in the rain again! You receive the current conditions, plus a brief four day forecast, with the high and low temperatures predicted for your city or zip code of choice. Choose to receive weather alerts daily, or only on select days of the week. You may also select the time of day you want your weather alerts delivered. You can stop these alerts instantly at any time from your phone or the web.

ContentCurrent weather and 4-day forecast
FrequencyChoose from daily or less
Cost$0 (Message and data rates may apply)
CancellationStop your alerts from your phone or the web

Mobile Search Option

You can also get weather information anytime from your mobile phone. Send a text with the word W plus your zip code or city name to 44636 and receive a text message back immediately with a forecast. Great for when you're getting ready to travel and wondering whether you should bring you sun-block or your umbrella. Like Text Alerts, 4INFO does not charge to use mobile search, but standard carrier fees apply. 4INFO mobile search is not case sensitive, so you can send the text in all caps or all lower case, or even a mix - whatever is easiest for you!

  • If you send W 94403
  • You get San Mateo, CA
    Now:48F 54/43 Clear
    Th:54/41 Rain Chance
    F:54/40 Clear
    Sa:56/43 Clear
    Su:59/43 Clear

Examples you can text to 44636

  • W 94403
  • WEATHER 75120


Some of the most frequently asked questions about this alert include: For answers to other questions and info on how to contact 4INFO, please see our support section.

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